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London Fashion Week from the Telegraph



You’re on our website so, we’re pretty sure you’re a major Fashionista like us. You see the perfect pair of shoes, a scarf, a great top, the most fabulous pencil skirt, and some vintage sunglasses…but on ten different people as you walk down the street. Combining all the bits and pieces, you subconsciously create the perfect outfit. If only you could let the world know, you think to yourself. You have THE eyes, as we of V’s Glam Army say. You see, you shoot. Over the years you’ve collected fashion images with your invisible camera to store into your mind’s ‘Fashion Folder,’ reserved for a shopping weekend at the Mall or in your closet.

We at The Fashion Bubble have made it our mission to share these original ideas and individual innovations of fashion with the world. You can have your say. You can be your own fashion designer. Forget put-together brands, expensive labels, or pre-constructed so-called trendy outfits. Create your own fads or find the Fashionable  in YOUR city, and we’ll let the world stand back and wonder.


You’re The Fashion Bubble’s eye on the street, so capture the week’s best styles! We welcome your letters, inquiries, quick summaries or short write-ups about your beauty tips or fashion frenzies. Email us pictures of something fresh and new on your way to work or the gym and we’ll put them up in our next article. You could featured. You could be the mastermind behind a Fashion Revolution. You could eventually become one of our exclusive editors or photographers! Glamour lives everywhere, on every corner, and it is up to us to find it. Our editors are based in major cities on the U.S. East and West Coasts, major cities in the United Kingdom, and those of France. Our goal is to form a concrete Fashion Bubble in all these places until we expand to include an even more global community of fashionistas who perform a daily exchange of fashion ideas. 

SUBSCRIBE TODAY to receive weekly headline updates, fashion contests, and prizes by simply clicking on our Subscribe option at the bottom of this webpage. And don’t forget to send us your daily photos when you spot any fashion any time, anywhere: the.fashion.bubble.editors@gmail.com

So, go diva and get your personal invite to V’s Glam Party. Join us, and become a Glamourazzi. Because Life is a Runway.

CONTACT US at the.fashion.bubble.editors@gmail.com


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