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‘Accept My Baggage’ Tour: Camille Gabriele, LLC

In NEWS on December 1, 2010 at 11:10 pm

Reported by Verity Promise & Joyce Datiles, London UK and contributor Camille Gabriele

Founded in 2002, Camille Gabriele LLC is a luxury handbag company that specializes in couture evening bags and boasts of its launch of the ‘modern’ luxury handbag. The lovely Camille Gabriele, senior designer for Camille Gabrille LLC, attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and University of North Carolina at Greensboro Textile Design Product program. After graduating in 2003, Camille embarked on designing couture leather handbags, inspired by ‘simple, unconventional concepts.’ The brand’s latest trunk show tour is called, ‘Accept My Baggage.’

Camille Gabriele’s handbags are constructed with skins of textured embossed leathers, delicate lambskin and durable calfskin as well as high-spun woven cotton linings, customized hardware in metallic colours [gun metal, nickel, gold, brass and antique coppers] and encrusted finishes on each unique piece.

Camille graciously honored The Fashion Bubble with a mini-autobio, so here is the talented designer in her own words:

“Camille Gabriele designs come from inspirations that are a part of everyday life, i.e. the things we see everyday but view differently with a peculiar eye. I am usually drawn to colors and shapes. I then re-vision them in non-conventional ways. For instance, ‘Magnanimous’ – that inspiration came from the rim of a car.

‘Modern Luxury’ describes the type of handbag designer Camille Gabriele LLC is to the customer. The modern side appreciates the new way of designing handbags with exclusive unique hardware and shapes, yet the luxury embraces the quality of how the handbags are constructed while adorned in fine skins and details.

“Accept My Baggage” is a play on an acceptance of me as an emerging designer. I started designing handbags while attending college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; it was my first class project in Sewing Construction 101. Shorty after I started having trunk shows whilst in college. The first Camille Gabriele LLC trunk show entitled, “The Absense of Color” sold about $500 worth of handbags.

What drives me the most? Above all things, I really like to be creative. It is something divine that takes place, when you create something from nothing. And then you stand back and see the final product. WOW, it becomes very emotional!

There were many people who influenced me in my career: Dr. Nancy Nelson and Sherri, who shared their knowledge and love for the industry. My mentors Evon Ruffin and Sheila Wiggins financially assisted me while in school and attended all my trunk shows. The Roberta Sheilds Ludacris Foundation created a national platform for the brand while hosting and sponsoring my show at their infamous restaurant.

There were many people who influenced me in my career: Dr. Nancy Nelson and Sherri, who shared their knowledge and love for the industry. My mentors Evon Ruffin and Sheila Wiggins financially assisted me while in school and attended all my trunk shows. The Roberta Sheilds Ludacris Foundation created a national platform for the brand while hosting and sponsoring my show at their infamous restaurant.

In addition, I must say my parents and peers. My father has always been a motivator because of his strong work-ethic and my mother, who has been the greatest spiritual influence on me. If you put it all that together how can you give up?

My advice on purchasing handbags: Find the bag that compliments your wardrobe. If you have a vast wardobe, of course, you will have many options. However, if you have a limited wardrobe, purchase handbags that are suitable for your wardrobe and lifestyle. Also take into consideration your body type. For instance, if you are petite, carry a handbag that will compliment your size. Don’t carry anything that will swallow you up in the handbag! If you are tall, carry medium to large-sized bags. We also like to see what you are carrying. If you are going out for a night on the town, choose a bright-colored clutch!

My advice to any aspiring or budding designers is to build healthy relationships in the fashion/retail industry. There are plenty of people who are interested in what you are doing, so they are willing to help. Find mentors or people who don’t mind sharing and shadow them. Talk to everyone, let them know what you are doing. You will be surprised at the interest, and you will have a host of people supporting your dream in so many ways.”

Thanks so much, Camille!

If you’re obsessed with Camille Gabriele’s divine luxury handbags like we are,

check out the company’s website here: www.camillegabriele.com

Happy shopping, Glamourazzis!

Photos & Press Kits graciously provided by Camille Gabriele LLC


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In NEWS on October 26, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Here’s to all our fabulous readers – TO YOU – who voted for The Fashion Bubble for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 1st EVER Fashion Blog Awards in September 2010. We were able to make the Top 6 Finalists of the best New Fashion Blogs, beating out 15,000 competitor fashion websites and blogs! Here’s the lovely certificate we received from Cosmo, who held the Awards Ceremony on Sept. 9th at Sketch in London. So thanks for all the support and encouragement! We’re looking forward to updating TFB asap ~ we’ve been all over runway shows, film festivals, fashion weeks, fashion night outs, design preview shows and we’ve got interviews with new designers and new lines! So keep checkin’ up on us this week and get ready for your inside scoop on everything fashion from New York, LA & London! xoxo

An Insider’s View on the 62nd Emmy Awards with Barbie Ross & Ryan Kahn

In Latest Articles, NEWS on September 2, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Reported by Joyce Datiles, with contributors Barbie Ross & Ryan Kahn

Best seats in the house…again. “When you win a contest for being television’s biggest fan, are flown to the Emmy Awards, given special treatment and have a running gag with Neil Patrick Harris live on nationally broadcast TV [and on the red carpet], it can be difficult to one-up such an experience.” Or so thought Barbie Ross, last year’s Best Seat in the House contest winner for VIP seats at the 61st Emmy Awards. Call it déjà vu or better, Ms. Ross graced the red carpet once again at last Sunday’s 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards that took place at the Los Angeles Staples Center and was hosted by Jimmy Fallon at the Nokia Theater. 

Barbie, an aspiring television writer and friend of mine met when I worked in Los Angeles, had apparently left a lasting impression upon quite a few fellow red carpet colleagues ~ she received her invite this year from the Emmy Ticket Office, who remembered her lovely self and sent her a pair of tickets! And for 2010’s greatest television awards show in the world, who was Barbie’s white knight but none other than THE Ryan Kahn of MTV’s new hit show, Hired, another mutual friend and founder of Rock Start, a charity that donates musical instruments to children in need. Rock star indeed, Ryan showed up in his red 1957 Porsche with a faux Emmy in hand with the title, ‘Emmy’s 2010 Best Date: Barbie Ross.’ Who says Hollywood romantic gestures have to be scripted?

Tickets: check. Red carpet gown: check. Ryan the rockstar: check. We’re good to go. Our lovely pair arrived at the Staples Center all glam and charm amidst screaming fans yelling, ‘Taylor!’ as in Swift upon laying eyes on Barbie. Smile and wave, Barb, smile and wave…

Red carpet fashion was varied this year, with some glaringly obvious hits and many misses. For this column, we’ve given you our favorites, especially Glee’s Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera, Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta, and Claire Danes in Armani Prive, a gown which was also featured in one of our past columns, Paris Haute Couture July 2010.

We’re sure you’ve all read the articles on who won what at the Emmy’s this year, so we’ll keep it short to get to our insiders’ story. New comedy reigned as Modern Family, the ABC comedy series about a disarmingly dysfunctional family, won the top comedy series, writing and supporting actor awards. Fox’s cult phenom Glee was nominated for 19 Emmys and won two trophies: Jane Lynch for supporting actress in a comedy and series creator ,Ryan Murphy, for comedy direction. The winning duo Modern Family and Glee ended the total domination in the comedy category by 30 Rock.

For the drama category, AMC‘s  Mad Men, a dark period drama set in the 1960s on Madison Avenue, won its third consecutive Emmy for drama series, while Bryan Cranston of AMC’s Breaking Bad won his third lead-acting Emmy.

Before gushing over to the Fox after-party report, let’s do a quick flashback to last year when Barbie won a trip to the Emmy’s with CBS’ Best Seat in the House Contest based on a video she filmed and edited that depicted her status as TV’s biggest fan [literally, ask her anything, be it what scene in what show in what season…and she’ll know]. CBS flew the winner out to LA, gave her a walk-around pre-show tour of the grounds [i.e. the Nokia Theater] as well as VIP red carpet status including an interview for CBS and bigwig seats up front and center during the awards show. 

Getting invites to the after-party, especially the FOX after-party, is a pretty big deal, so Barbie and Ryan were thrilled to meet the cast members of Glee, Modern Family  [including Barbie’s Julie Bowen girl-talk sesh in the powder room!] and, once again, Neil Patrick Harris. 

Q & A with Ryan Kahn

Interviewed by Joyce Datiles

J: Was there a favorite moment last night at the Emmy’s or during the after-party?

R: Getting the chance to celebrate with Ed O’Neill for his big win with Modern Family. It was so fun to see how truly excited for the show he is. Especially coming from him, who’s had such a successful career as Al Bundy. This is like lightning striking again and I’m so happy for him! He was one of the last to leave the FOX after-party because there was so much well-deserved celebrating to be had. 

J: And how was the afterparty?

R: It’s all about the after party, and the FOX after-party was the place to be, [what] with the success of Modern Family and Glee. All the cast were there at the Cicada, including several others from the night, from Neil Patrick Harris to Seal and Heidi Klum. 

J: Who did you get to meet & greet?

R: Everyone! It was a great atmosphere where everyone could just enjoy the night in celebration together. The venue was set up for a perfect event, appetizers around the room, top shelf dinning and drinks. Upstairs was a lounge with a jazz band which accentuated the 1920’s Hollywood vibe.

J: Who were you rooting for? Was it Madmen, Modern Family…or are you Glee all the way?

R: I was rooting for MTV’s Hired but there was some great competition and we were not nominated this year.

J: Any thoughts on your red carpet entrance? How was the atmosphere? I’m sure you felt at home among all those lights…

R: In LA, the stars don’t just come out at night – the red carpet was lit up with celebrities and paparazzi as we arrived at 3:30pm. The Nokia Center is designed for award shows so this was a great venue for the event. Inside were enormous HD screens all around the stage with beautiful digital graphics and videos. During the commercial breaks they played highlights of the Emmys of the years past which was amazing to see so many historical TV moments. 

J: And let’s talk about your amazing boys and girls club music program contribution…besides having an awesome hit MTV show and jamming out with your band, you still find time to give back to the next generation by sharing what you love. What is it about music that makes you want to share it with others?

R: When I was a kid my dad took me to the guitar store and told me I could pick out any guitar I wanted. Music changed my life and I want to share that same moment with other kids that are less fortunate than I was. I founded Rock Start, which is a charity that donates guitars to children. This month I donated 20 new guitars to the music program at the Boys & Girls Club in San Pedro. They will be giving the kids guitar lessons and the ability to take their guitars home with them to play as much as they want! 

To learn more about Ryan’s amazing program, check out RockStart.org.

Many thanks to Barbie Ross and Ryan Kahn for their contribution to this article 

Pictures provided by Ryan Kahn, Barbie Ross, Emmys.com, MTV, New York Times, LA Times, Just Jared, Yahoo! TV, CBS and the National Examiner



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So we received word, as in, a huge Congratulations, for being shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan first EVER blog awards as Best New Fashion Blogger! Cosmopolitan Magazine Editorial Team informed us that they received over 15000 nominations and we made it to the final round of the TOP 6 NEW FASHION BLOGGERS!

THANK YOU ALL WHO VOTED US ALL THE WAY TO THE FINALS! If you haven’t voted yet, it’s not too late! 

Everyone can vote until August 31st so cast your vote for The Fashion Bubble now! We’re listed under the category, ‘New Fashion Blogger’ so just click on the icon once you’ve reached Cosmo’s website and The Fashion Bubble is in the 2nd Row, #4 [see below]:

You can’t miss it! So go on, cast your vote and support The Fashion Bubble as Cosmo Mag’s 2010 New Fashion Blogger!



As official nominees for the award, The Fashion Bubble Editors have been invited to the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards in London in September! We’ll let you know how it goes, fingers crossed! Support us by voting ~ let’s make history in these first EVER Cosmo Blog Awards ~ Much fashion love xoxo 

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Party at Valentino’s, Anyone?

In NEWS on July 31, 2010 at 10:46 pm

Jessica Alba@Valentino's estate!


What better way to spend time in Paris than attending the afterparty for Valentino’s fall/winter 2010 show on July 7th? A grand soirée hosted by Valentino himself to celebrate the opening of the Valentino Archives was just what Paris needed to end this year’s Haute Couture ~ [make sure to check out our next column featuring exclusive coverage of the shows next week!]. Valentino’s gorgeous Château de Widevill was the setting for this sumptuous and elegant affair, aglow in bright pink and white-washed with tents sprinkled throughout the gardens and lovely grounds ~ even the bathrooms were in the most luxurious event tents this world has ever seen! In attendance were several A-listers, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Claire Danes, Blake Lively, Hugh Dancy, Elizabeth Hurley, and Natalia Vodianova.     

reported by Isabella Arguelles, Madrid correspondent

Valentino's Chateau at night


Dinner party it is...Gwyneth does buffet in style


Tented bathrooms...fashion first...


A soirée tent. Lovely.


Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and Claire Danes, all wearing Valentino.


Jessica Alba, making an entrance


Natalia Vodianova, modeling Valentino at Valentino's


Blake Lively with Gwyneth Paltrow


Elizabeth Hurley in Valentino


Anja Rubik, gorgeous in a green frock by Valentino


Pictures provided by The Telegraph and Harper’s Bazaar