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I’ll Have A Blue Christmas ANY DAY: Tiffany & Co. SKATE @ Somerset House, London

In Latest Articles on December 23, 2010 at 4:55 am

Reported by Chloe Bond, London

Christmas in London means breakfast at Tiffany’s. On skates. Until January 23rd, once again, the magic of Christmas gives London an icing on the cake in the form of a lovely tradition: Tiffany & Co.’s SKATE at Somerset House. In association with the English National Ballet and Big Dance, Tiffany’s has launched an entire range of holiday festivities for the whole family.

In the center courtyard of Somerset House, an 18th century palace on the Thames renowned for its artwork and the Courtauld Institute, Tiffany & Co. have launched the infamous and iconic Tiffany Blue Box Tuck Shop, a cute little cafe and cupcake shop to nip into in between skating games for some coffee. In the shape of an enormous, trademark Tiffany & Co. gift box, this year tuck shop also contains Tiffany jewellery, chocolate treats courtesy of fine chocolatier Cocomaya and blue-iced Tiffany cupcakes by Michelin-starred chef Tom Aiken. Having breakfast at Tiffany’s can happen every Saturday morning before Christmas, and from 10-21 January there will be ice-dancing lunch hour from 12.30pm.

In addition to the lovely Tiffany’s tuck shop [The Fashion Bubble ‘s fave!], renowned chef Tom Aiken has his own skate-side hangout Tom’s Skate Lounge which serves hot soups, hot roast turkey, stuffing and cranberry wraps, mince pies, mulled cider and and Christmassy espresso Martinis!

One of this season’s most enjoyable days can be spent at Somerset House’s Tiffany’s Ice Rink as it is opened every day til late and in one of the most beautiful landmarks of central London, overlooking the Thames. After all, this is also the home of London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Council!

The opening of the ice skating rink and lighting of the gorgeous 40-foot and Tiffany’s decorated tree is always attended by eager skaters from all over Britain. In the past, celebrities such as Emma Watson and Lily Cole have been honouraries at the lighting of the tree. This year, Paloma Faith serenaded the crowds as the tree was lit and the grounds proclaimed open. Actress Jaime Winstone also attended the opening night of SKATE.

During the day, even though you’re not skating under the stars and under the lights, the magic of the Tiffany’s tree and Tuck shop is still alluring. It is a favourite for a relaxing few hours reading the paper over Tiffany’s coffee and cake.

But for most, skating is best at night. Surrounded by the magnificent Somerset House architecture, even the cold air doesn’t seem so bad. As a Londoner, if I’m to have a blue Christmas, I wouldn’t mind at all, as long as it’s that gorgeous Tiffany blue. Happy holidays, everyone!

For further information on Tiffany’s SKATE at Somerset House, do look at www.somersethouse.org.uk and www.tiffany.co.uk

Photos provided by Time, Somerset House, Tiffany & Co. and Joyce Datiles


Fashion Expo 101: Lesson One ~ VIP @ Britain’s Next Top Model LIVE 2010

In Latest Articles on December 22, 2010 at 6:28 pm

Reported by Pauline O’Leary, with contributor Joyce Datiles, London

The key to all fashion knowledge. It can be found while perusing through Selfridges’ treasure trove of designer jewelry collections. Or while sampling some champagne during a pop-up boutique launch on Regent’s Street, or even by window-shopping in Mayfair. London seems to offer innumerable opportunities to become better acquainted with all things fashion, but nothing is comparable to a fashion expo – an event comprised of designer catwalks, salons, magazine photo shoots, and shopping. Everything of the fashion world is practically laid out for a fashionista’s feasting eyes, especially when the expo is Britain’s Next Top Model LIVE.

Yes, all the rumors are true. You get to experience what it takes to be the next top model at this expo, be it by strutting your stuff on the Open Catwalk while getting tips and advice from top fashion moguls or by posing for Company magazine in a photoshoot with the chance of getting discovered. This article takes you step by step with The Fashion Bubble through the best fashion expo there is so you know what to expect next time you’re deciding whether or not to attend one. We hope this Fashion Expo 101 crash course leaves you with 100% confidence that fashion expos are a MUST for any fashionista. Enjoy the tour!

The Fashion Bubble was absolutely delighted to be invited to the first ever Britain’s Next Top Model LIVE, alongside BNTM TV Judge Charley Speed, TV Presenter and host Emma Willis, BNTM Winner Tiffany Pisani and other contestants from series 6, and special celebrity guests Diana Vickers, Alesha Dixon, Eliza Doolittle and Jessie J.

Our very own Glamourazzi, Joyce Datiles, attended BNTM LIVE in style, decked out in a baby pink sweetheart Rare Fashion cocktail dress, a gift for the event from the boutique fashion brand influenced by catwalk and celebrity designs [Thank you, Rare!]. Check out the amazing new collections at Rare Fashion for the holiday at www.rarefashion.co.uk now! Joyce was also wearing shoes by Steve Madden and a jacket by Rugby Ralph Lauren [see picture below].


Joyce was able to attend the opening of the event with some other VIPs on the red carpet entrance. As a VIP ticket holder, she was given a VIP bag with dozens of samples and stylist products, had full access to the VIP Lounge, Casting Couch, Style Icon Workshops, Company Magazine Paparazzi Zone, Adee Phelan Salon, the Powder Room and the Central Champagne Bar. She took some amazing photos for you all so you could experience the event and be sure you’d want to come along next year!

The 3-day expo based on the television series was successfully brought to life, complete with pink carpet and glamour galore.

Joyce’s view from the VIP Lounge!

VIP gift bag & seating @ the VIP Champagne Bar!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, Britain’s Next Top Model, or BNTM as the popular show is lovingly called, is a reality show featuring several models who compete for a top modeling contract. The series was first started in America by supermodel Tyra Banks and was such a hit that it found its way to other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.




Fashion & Champagne? Yes, please!

Fashion Workshops every hour@ Style Icon!

Classes on classic looks & new styles for everyone

The latest edition of BNTM, Series 6, which just ended in October, offered a modeling contract with Europe’s biggest modeling agency, Models 1, a 6-page fashion editorial spread as well as the front cover in fashion magazine Company, and a £100,000 cosmetics contract with Revlon cosmetics which will see the winner do a make-up shoot for Revlon’s new Colorburst Lipstick as well as becoming the face of Revlon’s new Autumn/Winter 2010 trend collection that launched in the UK in November.


The Fashion Bubble’s Joyce Datiles, making friends @ BNTM VIP Lounge!

Best bit of this fashion expo? No, not the retail therapy of over 100 top fashion brands, nor the dozens of open catwalks, fashion workshop sessions or make-up demonstrations by Bobbi Brown specialists. Nope, nothing compared to being a front row VIP at the Live Catwalk Show, which basically brought BNTM to life as it featured the finalists from the television series.

Walking to the Live Catwalk Show ~ Finale!

Esorted to the Fashion Editor Front Row VIP Seats!

TFB’s Joyce Datiles posing in front of the catwalk with her VIP gift bag and wearing RARE FASHION, Ralph Lauren, and Steve Madden.

The 45-minute spectacular finale show made up of seven catwalk shows, took place on Excel’s 23m-long catwalk with three giant projection screens in the 2,500-seat auditorium.

The catwalk showcased the BNTM contestants led by 6th season winner Tiffany and illustrated the story of the reality series by six themed catwalks. The event drew an audience of 30,000 over all three days.

BNTM 6 Winner, Tiffany, in the finale piece!

BNTM LIVE 2010 proved to be a success and a day of fabulous fashion for everyone, and showcased the world of models and designers in a brilliantly fun way. The Fashion Bubble had so much fun at the inaugural event, and hopes that you all enjoyed our Fashion Expo 101. We hope you all come next year ~ we can’t wait!

All photos provided by Joyce Datiles

40th Anniversary of KENZO@ London’s V&A’s Fashion in Motion

In Latest Articles on November 13, 2010 at 12:28 am

Reported by Verity Promise, London

So I couldn’t wait to write to all of The Fashion Bubble’s lovely fashionistas out there and share my latest catwalk show experience. I have just arrived home, it’s about 12:30 am now on a Friday night, and I’m exhausted but exhilarated. I spent the evening of November 12, 2010 at London’s V&A in the gorgeous Raphael Gallery to celebrate the remarkable 40th anniversary of the Parisian fashion house KENZO as this month’s Fashion in Motion event.

For those of you who haven’t yet had the glorious pleasure to attend an event at the V & A [The Victoria and Albert Museum] in South Kensington, London, let’s just say that it’s always guaranteed to be a night to die for. Kenzo’s 40th Anniversary catwalk show took place in the largest and most prestigious of the V & A’s many venues: the Raphael Gallery, which boasts of housing seven surviving examples of Renaissance art that date from 1516. Not only is this the most elegant and glamourous venue for a fashion event of this magnitude, but it is also the perfect place to spend a Friday night in London.

I was lucky enough to attend the finale catwalk show at 8pm which featured assorted designs from the famous label’s forty-year old amazing archive of rich, exotic and bohemian collections.

KENZO, a revolutionary fashion line unbending it its resolve to display Eastern culture in an unapologetic fairytale on the runway, was masterminded by Kenzo Takada, one of the first Japanese designers to influence the fashion universe in the West. In 1970, Kenzo established the house of Kenzo in Paris and took over the haute couture world as we know it by conjuring up fantastical pieces full of Asian and Russian folkloric themes, giving the runway a new sense of mythical lore.

It was truly an honor to attend this event, showcasing the many wonders from one of the most talented designers of our time. Needless to say, it was a gorgeous evening of fashion in London, and one well spent.

KENZO is the collection that was showcased as the first of two Fashion in Motion shows this Autumn season. The V&A will next present the work of Parisian Couturier Stéphane Rolland in December and, of course, The Fashion Bubble will be in attendance. Watch this space!

Photos courtesy of V&A, Style Covered, The Telegraph, Style & Vogue

DOMAKAYA: High Fashion Knitwear Ready to Dominate

In Latest Articles on November 6, 2010 at 5:28 pm

Reported by Verity Promise & Joyce Datiles, special thanks to Karima Riachy

“The  rest, as  they say,  is  HISTORY.”

Two sisters. Mum loved to knit. Gap year but no travel plans. Next: Unique entrepreneurial spirit mixed with family knitting sessions. Result: Genius brand for high fashion knitwear called Domakaya [a fusion of the designing family’s names ~ like we said, GENIUS, right?] now at Saks Fifth Avenue and featured in this month’s Vogue, New!, Teen Vogue, Instyle, Company and Heat magazines. The Fashion Bubble was able to interview one of the fabulous London-born Lebanese sisters behind Domakaya, Karima Riachy, who gives us an inside-scoop on how to be a success and a revolutionary in the ever perilous world of fashion.

Q: How did you come up with your fabulous designs? What inspires you?

A: I get inspiration from everywhere: wildlife, street style, different cultures, and art. I also love finding old vintage pieces and elaborating on them. I am constantly ripping things out of magazines and sketching in my scrap books. Sometimes I think I am designing a bag and after a few hours it turns into something completely different. It’s a lot of experimenting.

Q: What inspired you to create your collections? What makes your company unique?

A: Domakaya specialises in the design and production of limited-edition handmade knitted and crocheted accessories, and we believe it is the unusual skills and old school, hand-finished touches that make these products so beautiful and different. Domakaya uses organic yarns that are hand-dyed which makes every piece an original.

Q: Your pieces are truly works of art! What statements do you try to make with your company and its designs?

A: Thank you! I never like to conform with any of my designs and try and keep them all original, especially with the flower bags and mohicans, and therefore I like to encourage everyone to step out of the box and be an idividual and enjoy themselves with their clothes.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself ~ how did you start?

A: Domakaya was started up by me, my sister and mum in London in 2002. My mum had taught me how to knit and crochet from a young age and so when I decided to take a gap year but didn’t plan any big trips abroad, I started making hats and bags for some friends, which they loved. Slowly word got around and friends of friends wanted them too! So me, my sister and mum organised a house sale. The rest, as they say, is history.

Q: Your company is clearly a gorgeous success in one of the most famous cities in the world. What drives you?

A: Thank you so much! It has been a tough journey but completely worth it. We are constantly working on expanding the brand world wide. I think when you have your own company there is always an uncontrollable will to have your company succeed beyond your own expectation. It is also always an amazing feeling when I see someone walking down the street wearing a Domakaya piece or seeing it in a magazine photoshoot; I get so much enjoyment out of those small things that it drives me to keep going. We hope to eventually open our own store here in London. For me that would be a dream.

Q: What’s your favorite look for this fall season?

A: I am loving the new mohican hats in all the crazy colours! I can also never leave the house without a pair of flower handwarmers:) They brighten up any outift and mood.

Q: What advice can you give to anyone on the lookout for the perfect outfit or accessory [We  LOVE your knitted clutches! SO beautiful]?

A: Thanks so much. Well, it depends on what they are going for. When I go shopping, I go for comfort first and originality. I love finding one-off pieces. I think if it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good when you try it on then it’s a keeper!

Q: Do you have a favorite item in your collection that you personally enjoy making more than the others?

A: That’s hard! I do always love making the hats. They can be the base to something more demure and elegant or crazy and elaborate, and I love that flexibility. It makes it very exciting for me.

Q: What advice would you give young, aspiring fashionistas who perhaps have a dream of opening a boutique or a collection of their own design someday?

A: Take it slow, make a plan and make sure you want it enough because it is hard work. Then I would say go for it! Follow your dreams! Don’t be scared or disheartened by what people say. Just persevere. And if you love it enough it will come out in your work and people will feel it.

Thanks so much, Karima!

And if you’re LOVING Domakaya’s gorgeous lines & feeling the wintery winds coming your way like we are, check it out now @ http://domakaya.com/09/


Photos & Press Kits graciously provided by Domakaya.

An Insider’s View on the 62nd Emmy Awards with Barbie Ross & Ryan Kahn

In Latest Articles, NEWS on September 2, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Reported by Joyce Datiles, with contributors Barbie Ross & Ryan Kahn

Best seats in the house…again. “When you win a contest for being television’s biggest fan, are flown to the Emmy Awards, given special treatment and have a running gag with Neil Patrick Harris live on nationally broadcast TV [and on the red carpet], it can be difficult to one-up such an experience.” Or so thought Barbie Ross, last year’s Best Seat in the House contest winner for VIP seats at the 61st Emmy Awards. Call it déjà vu or better, Ms. Ross graced the red carpet once again at last Sunday’s 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards that took place at the Los Angeles Staples Center and was hosted by Jimmy Fallon at the Nokia Theater. 

Barbie, an aspiring television writer and friend of mine met when I worked in Los Angeles, had apparently left a lasting impression upon quite a few fellow red carpet colleagues ~ she received her invite this year from the Emmy Ticket Office, who remembered her lovely self and sent her a pair of tickets! And for 2010’s greatest television awards show in the world, who was Barbie’s white knight but none other than THE Ryan Kahn of MTV’s new hit show, Hired, another mutual friend and founder of Rock Start, a charity that donates musical instruments to children in need. Rock star indeed, Ryan showed up in his red 1957 Porsche with a faux Emmy in hand with the title, ‘Emmy’s 2010 Best Date: Barbie Ross.’ Who says Hollywood romantic gestures have to be scripted?

Tickets: check. Red carpet gown: check. Ryan the rockstar: check. We’re good to go. Our lovely pair arrived at the Staples Center all glam and charm amidst screaming fans yelling, ‘Taylor!’ as in Swift upon laying eyes on Barbie. Smile and wave, Barb, smile and wave…

Red carpet fashion was varied this year, with some glaringly obvious hits and many misses. For this column, we’ve given you our favorites, especially Glee’s Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera, Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta, and Claire Danes in Armani Prive, a gown which was also featured in one of our past columns, Paris Haute Couture July 2010.

We’re sure you’ve all read the articles on who won what at the Emmy’s this year, so we’ll keep it short to get to our insiders’ story. New comedy reigned as Modern Family, the ABC comedy series about a disarmingly dysfunctional family, won the top comedy series, writing and supporting actor awards. Fox’s cult phenom Glee was nominated for 19 Emmys and won two trophies: Jane Lynch for supporting actress in a comedy and series creator ,Ryan Murphy, for comedy direction. The winning duo Modern Family and Glee ended the total domination in the comedy category by 30 Rock.

For the drama category, AMC‘s  Mad Men, a dark period drama set in the 1960s on Madison Avenue, won its third consecutive Emmy for drama series, while Bryan Cranston of AMC’s Breaking Bad won his third lead-acting Emmy.

Before gushing over to the Fox after-party report, let’s do a quick flashback to last year when Barbie won a trip to the Emmy’s with CBS’ Best Seat in the House Contest based on a video she filmed and edited that depicted her status as TV’s biggest fan [literally, ask her anything, be it what scene in what show in what season…and she’ll know]. CBS flew the winner out to LA, gave her a walk-around pre-show tour of the grounds [i.e. the Nokia Theater] as well as VIP red carpet status including an interview for CBS and bigwig seats up front and center during the awards show. 

Getting invites to the after-party, especially the FOX after-party, is a pretty big deal, so Barbie and Ryan were thrilled to meet the cast members of Glee, Modern Family  [including Barbie’s Julie Bowen girl-talk sesh in the powder room!] and, once again, Neil Patrick Harris. 

Q & A with Ryan Kahn

Interviewed by Joyce Datiles

J: Was there a favorite moment last night at the Emmy’s or during the after-party?

R: Getting the chance to celebrate with Ed O’Neill for his big win with Modern Family. It was so fun to see how truly excited for the show he is. Especially coming from him, who’s had such a successful career as Al Bundy. This is like lightning striking again and I’m so happy for him! He was one of the last to leave the FOX after-party because there was so much well-deserved celebrating to be had. 

J: And how was the afterparty?

R: It’s all about the after party, and the FOX after-party was the place to be, [what] with the success of Modern Family and Glee. All the cast were there at the Cicada, including several others from the night, from Neil Patrick Harris to Seal and Heidi Klum. 

J: Who did you get to meet & greet?

R: Everyone! It was a great atmosphere where everyone could just enjoy the night in celebration together. The venue was set up for a perfect event, appetizers around the room, top shelf dinning and drinks. Upstairs was a lounge with a jazz band which accentuated the 1920’s Hollywood vibe.

J: Who were you rooting for? Was it Madmen, Modern Family…or are you Glee all the way?

R: I was rooting for MTV’s Hired but there was some great competition and we were not nominated this year.

J: Any thoughts on your red carpet entrance? How was the atmosphere? I’m sure you felt at home among all those lights…

R: In LA, the stars don’t just come out at night – the red carpet was lit up with celebrities and paparazzi as we arrived at 3:30pm. The Nokia Center is designed for award shows so this was a great venue for the event. Inside were enormous HD screens all around the stage with beautiful digital graphics and videos. During the commercial breaks they played highlights of the Emmys of the years past which was amazing to see so many historical TV moments. 

J: And let’s talk about your amazing boys and girls club music program contribution…besides having an awesome hit MTV show and jamming out with your band, you still find time to give back to the next generation by sharing what you love. What is it about music that makes you want to share it with others?

R: When I was a kid my dad took me to the guitar store and told me I could pick out any guitar I wanted. Music changed my life and I want to share that same moment with other kids that are less fortunate than I was. I founded Rock Start, which is a charity that donates guitars to children. This month I donated 20 new guitars to the music program at the Boys & Girls Club in San Pedro. They will be giving the kids guitar lessons and the ability to take their guitars home with them to play as much as they want! 

To learn more about Ryan’s amazing program, check out RockStart.org.

Many thanks to Barbie Ross and Ryan Kahn for their contribution to this article 

Pictures provided by Ryan Kahn, Barbie Ross, Emmys.com, MTV, New York Times, LA Times, Just Jared, Yahoo! TV, CBS and the National Examiner


Roll Out the…BLUE Carpet 4 Tiffany & Co.’s Leather Collection Debut!

In Latest Articles on August 30, 2010 at 5:38 pm

Reported by Joyce Datiles

We’ve always known we couldn’t get enough of that classic robin’s egg blue. Tiffany & Co. is launching its first collection of handbags in twenty years on Sept. 1 in the U.S., and each piece, be it a satchel, clutch or tote, has an accent or a heavy dose of that famous blue to perfectly match those lovely Tiffany boxes.

In a clever strategy to expand their brand to include handbag collections and leather accessories which complement their existing and impressive product portfolio, Tiffany & Co. have slightly shifted their attention from their other products including the company’s staple and renowned jewelry lines, recognizing a more practical customer’s preference for an upscale handbag over yet another tennis bracelet. The company has also been downsizing on their tableware collections, following the same rationale that life is now more practical and perhaps even more casual than the days before the economic downturn. The world’s second-largest luxury jewelry retailer is now having to trade its china, crystal and even jewelry for leather goods in order to maintain its status after Tiffany sales plunged by double digits within the past two years due to the recession.

In 2009, Tiffany & Co. bought the Lambertson Truex label and their leather brand’s trademark from Samsonite Corp. after the company was driven to bankruptcy and, shortly afterwards, hired this latest leather collection’s designers, Richard Lambertson and John Truex, to embark on Tiffany & Co.’s largest leather collection in history. The company attempted at a small collection of handbags in the 1990s but has never had a full assortment with such a diverse range.

The Tiffany Leather Collection, as promised, will cater to day, weekend and evening needs. The collection is for both men and women, and includes a small reversible tote and a ‘Manhattan’ satchel for women, and a briefcase, card holder as well as a travel wallet and totes for men. All are made with the finest onyx quilted leather, glazed crocodile, calf and/or snakeskin infused with satin and/or suede. 

Marie Driscoll, an equity analyst with Standard & Poor’s Equity Research states that in order for Tiffany & Co.’s new endeavor to succeed, “The styles of Tiffany’s leather goods will have to come across as timeless” [Wall Street Journal]. And indeed they are. All the pieces of the new collection have a hint of the classic Tiffany look and design cues from Tiffany’s jewelry ~ Tiffany blue stripes, clasps and rivets on each bag include a bit of the robin’s egg blue and the signet logo, “Tiffany & Co.” on the clasps. Many of the handles and closures on clutches and bracelet bags bear clear resemblance to Tiffany’s trademark ring and bracelet collection design styles and hallmarks or were inspired by diamond necklaces in Tiffany’s archives.

Several celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel, have been spotted in July and August carrying the company’s reversible tote and a clutch to Hollywood events so the collection is bound to be a hit if not a sign of the times.

A personal collection favorite [there are A LOT, mind you!] is the $595 “Holly” clutch in a Tiffany blue satin, a reference and tribute to Audrey Hepburn and her iconic character, Holly Golightly, from 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The classics never die, after all.

The Tiffany Leather Collection is available at select Tiffany’s locations in September 2010. For more information, do take a look at tiffany.com.

Pictures provided by Tiffany.com, WSJ, Bloomberg News & New York Times

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MEET ME IN MONTAUK ~ Chanel Party@The Hamptons

In Latest Articles on August 26, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Reported by Nathalia Winson & Joyce Datiles, New York

Ah those lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer…have almost come to their end. And who doesn’t like spending these last sizzles of heat and glorious sunsets at the Hamptons’ Eastend? Yes, Long Island is always where it’s at, especially when it comes to mixing surfing with…Chanel? That’s right. 

A lovely day in Montauk was well spent at Chanel’s dinner party at the Hamptons on August 21st first on the water, stand-up paddling or paddle boarding [as it’s affectionately called here on the East coast] with the greats, namely one of the party hosts Laird Hamilton: renowned surfer, adventurer and now ambassador for Chanel’s J12 Marine, the first diving watch from the brand mostly known NOT for its watery exploits. 

Celebrating this new partnership brought guests from the water whilst having lobster rolls on the shore, to the recently renovated beachfront, The Crow’s Nest hotel, with a lovely New England dinner on the porch with a perfect view. Chanel has also been supporting its co-host for the event, Surfrider Foundation, which works to protect the world’s beaches. The foundation featured Susan Casey’s [editor of Ophrah’s O Magazine] upcoming book, The Wave, during the evening leg of this Chanel event, with every dining invitee receiving a free copy of the book found amongst the dinner seats.

The Long Island book club culture feel of the evening did not escape any of the guests. Indeed, from having clams on the Montauk seashore to dining over candlelight on the old Crow’s Nest’s wooden deck while watching the sun fade over the water, the entire atmosphere provided a calming sense of reassurance that fashion knows no boundaries and can find its place even here, in a quiet corner of the Hamptons away from the glitz and glamour of the runway.

Dinner included fireside cocktails and rosé with fresh – local – Montauk steamed clams, lobsters, and grilled peaches. Cocktails continued throughout the night over a blazing firepit…and ending with a bang, i.e. s’mores galore.

Among those attending were Richard Gere, Rachel Weisz, President of CHANEL Inc. John Galantic, Bruce Weber, Carey Lowell, Angelica Huston, Julian Schnabel, Derek Blasberg, Mark Ronson, Josephine de la Baume, Jimmy Buffet, Amanda and Christopher Brooks, Anh Duong, Rula Jebreal, Nan Bush, Craig McDean, Tabitha Simmons, Jen Brill, Dani Stahl, Eugenia Gonzalez, Peter Davis, Alison Sarofim, Stuart Parr, Julie Gilhart of Barneys, Rogan Gregory, and Cynthia Rowley.

We think the real stars of the event however [and I’m sure everyone who attended will agree] were the double C surfboards on display on both beach and deck. Who said we can’t mix surf and fashion? Coco would definitely approve.

I don’t do fashion. I AM fashion.

~ Coco Chanel

Photos provided by Refinery 29 New York, Guest of a Guest, Billy Farrell, Chic Glamorous and Splendid, & Women’s Wear Daily

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In Latest Articles on August 17, 2010 at 6:38 pm

 Reported by Joyce Datiles & Verity Promise

As the previous Neiman Marcus fashion montage put together by one of our Glamourazzis is testament, here at The Fashion Bubble, we’re crazy about fashion and love how individualism can shine through even a seemingly insignificant choice of jewelry or pair of shoes. This blog is mainly about fashion that is ‘wearable’ rather than strictly for runway purposes, and we report on the culture that surrounds and creates the fashion world as we know it, be it by celebrities, events, charities, artists, or music.

One of our many loves is fashion week in all its glory and in different cities ~ the world’s fashion bubbles are most highly exposed during those lovely weeks of catwalk and catalogue. Some of The Fashion Bubble’s latest emails have petitioned an answer to this question, “What is it like to be front row at a designer fashion show?” So here’s the 411 for your hungry hearts ~ spilling the fashion industry’s secrets is always fun, so if you have any other questions or curiosities, feel free to shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


Here it is. The moment you have toiled for, craved for, dreamt of. You had heard you may be invited, but nothing in life is certain. You didn’t want to think too much about it lest your hopes should be dashed once word of denial reached your inbox. Whispers in the dining hall, in the editing room, around the computer lab sent chills up your spine. You recall the whispers with a faint glimmer of hope reaching the recesses of your terrified, fashion-eaten heart: “The boss may need a plus one to the show.” A plus one. Please let me be the boss’ plus one! 

And then, came the notes stuck to your computer. ‘You may have to work this weekend.’ Threat or triumph? This life can make one weary with anxiety, but it’s what we live for, for after all, what is the world but one gigantic catwalk? 

Again you try to calm your resounding heartbeats back to a normal humdrum rhythm but to no avail. You attempt to act casual as you steadily head toward the mailroom. No, you shrug to yourself, that creamy, over-sized envelope dotted with light blue spots here and there with gold glint as if to imitate the finest marble can’t possibly be THE much sought-after invite. You reach toward your mailbox, throw the magazines and flyers over your impatient right shoulder for luck. And lo and behold…in your hands you lift THE invitation up toward the sky like it was a handful of newly shaven diamonds offered to the gods.

Yes, yes, yes. This is what happens to most of us, and in our dreams to boot. We’re add-ons, plus ones. The leftovers and randoms in the luxuriously dressed crowd of those brazen elites chosen to grace the sacred front row. So what is it like if, according to your deepest fantasies,you were personally invited, your gown custom-made by the designer him/herself, everything chosen down to your shoes and bracelet so you could display the perfect outfit that illuminated your already-much illuminated celebrity personality? This year, Jessica Alba was present at several shows during July’s Paris Haute Couture, including Valentino, Christian Dior and Chanel. Here’s a present from Chanel, made especially for Jessica.

As promised, all celebrities invited to designer shows [minus Marc Jacobs, who has banned celebrities from being invited as one of his shows last year ran two hours late due to some late starlets] agree to wear the designer’s full outfits in return for their front row seats…I’m not sure who has the better end of the deal here but at most shows, the front rows are just as fabulous as the designs on the catwalk. See for yourself:


And, contrary to what many may think, front rows are arranged NOT according to friendship but by fashion industry relevance or ranking. If you happen to be bffs with who’s next to you, either you’re faking it for the camera or you lucked out. Either way, everyone seems to have a lovely time and ends up being bffs anyway.

Front row is THE place to be…best view, best company, and is the most coveted row on the planet.


And yes, front rowers usually get their 5 star hotels booked along with the invite, which also gives them free rein to a town car so they can arrive in style.


And don’t forget. You, as a front-row A-Lister, open the show, so make your grand entrance with a smile!

And if you have to option for a Plus One, invite your bestie! It’s only fair…

Well that’s our recap of a front row experience at a designer fashion show. Hope this gave good insight and inspiration for any fashionistas pursing the catwalk dream! 

Go Diva…because life is a runway. Love, The Fashion Bubble

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Paris Haute Couture July 2010

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Reported by Chauven S’auto & Isabella Arguelles

In a series of final salutes to summer, here’s our coverage of this July’s Paris Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010, mainly Chanel and Armani Prive. Couture collections are magnificent to behold, especially in Paris where fashion is king [literally, apparently] and the most gorgeous ensembles fly by on the runway in a matter of minutes.

The Chanel collection on catwalk this year was all tweed coats in fur trim in traditional colours and Oriental silk floral designs in deep primals for the working woman’s suits with short-sleeved tops, simply screened with dark lace for neckline show. A personal favorite was a knee-length dress of copper-gold petalled skirt, trimmed with crusted gems to tip off the edges, a thick earthen belt for a high waist. The lovely shoulder fall and deep V-neck plunge gave for a full futuristic yet archaic image that spoke of a fantastical Eastern empire. Gold boots, simple without tassels or lace-ups, hung loosely above the ankles and gave the piece its final ethereal touch. A good usage of flower imprints, embroidery and theme. The ensemble was varied, non-repetitive and each design unique. P.S. We were absolutely crazy for this year’s Chanel fall boot collection…pure GLAM.

Armani Prive’s haute couture for Fall/Winter 2010 were all pleat, sequin and Old Hollywood ~ think Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. The collection ranged from full-length gowns to elegant office attire, and the colours were mainly browns and golds. A hail to the foliage season that cometh, we assume. Office attire and coats were flowy, above-the-knee with over-chest flaps draped and pinned on the hip or low shoulder by a circular amber brooch. These designs made us remember why we love autumn and won’t be so unwilling to trade the summer season for Fall.

Pictures provided by Nick Verreos, Fashion Fame, The Telegraph, Harper’s Bazaar and Chanel News


Cartier International Polo Day

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Reported by Verity Promise, UK

As usual, the closing of the London summer social season ended with the Cartier International Polo Day’s 26th Anniversary held on July 27 at Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park in Egham, Surrey. Hosted by Mr. Arnaud Bamberger, MD of Cartier UK, the fabulous event boasted of English socialites, royals, and film stars, drawing an attendance 25,000 strong to witness the English Polo team’s win over New Zealand. Arnaud Bamberger and Nicholas Denvers of the Hurlington Polo Association along with HRH Prince Charles presented the Coronation Cup to English Captain Luke Tomilson and the Pegasus Trophy to New Zealand Captain James Beim for the Most Valuable Player.

Attendees were served lunch in the Cartier marquee and enjoyed Cuvée Cartier champagne and, of course, Pimms, with a sumptuous lunch prepared by leading chef Anton Mosimann that included Scottish lobster and a summer salad, Chateaubriand tenderloin steak and Grand Mariner parfait with raspberry coulis.

In attendance were Camilla Belle, Katherine Jenkins, Cat Deeley, Geri Hallwell, Paloma Faith, Amber Le Bon, Marquess of Bristol, Arabella Musgrave, Poppy Delevigne, Marissa and Max Montgomery, Toby Knott and Martha Ward, Paul Sculfor and the Hon. Sophia Hesketh, Hannah Sandling, Holly Vanance, Saskia Boxford, Gunnar Windbergh, and Marquess and Marchioness of Milford Haven.

Pictures provided by The Luxury Insider, Guest of a Guest, Serena Nikkah of Vogue Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Exposay and Cartier