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About TFB

Get your fashion FAST with one click onto our weekly columns which give you the 411 on everything from the latest catwalk shows to fashion trends and celebrity events!

We come from all over. United by one cause. That’s right. We all love fashion. And so the first two Glamourazzis, Verity Promise and Joyce Datiles, started this blog to talk about what makes this fashion world go around, what makes our Fashion Bubble tick. This blog is mainly about fashion that is ‘wearable’ rather than strictly for runway purposes, and we report on the culture that surrounds and creates the fashion world as we know it, be it by celebrities, events, charities, artists, or music. We’re also huge fans of ethical and eco-friendly fashion.

Our website recently made it to the top 6 finalists out of 15,000 nominated for the best new fashion blog by Cosmopolitan Magazine’s First Fashion Blog Awards in September 2010. We were so ecstatic about being shortlisted and being given “Most Highly Commended New Fashion Blog” by Cosmo! Thanks so much to all of our lovely fashionistas out there! You are GLAM!!

The Fashion Bubble [TFB] is a group of friends who write about what we love, and guess what? You’re invited to join up! We love to receive  your letters, short write-ups, and photos of the latest high street fashions which they want to share with their legions of devoted Glamourazzi who hail from all over the globe!

Any outfit can be a fashion op and should be. If you’re extra proud of what you’re wearing today or what you see someone else has ingeniously put together, take a picture and send it to us! Fashionistas: Unite! Be Glam, Be Fab, and GO DIVA! It’s easy to be a part of The Fashion Bubble’s Glamourazzi – just click on the ‘CONTACT’ tab if you’d like to send us your fashion thoughts and images. Working for Venus is absolutely fashion fierce and fabulous. Go diva, and get your personal invite to V’s Glam Party. Join us, and become a Glamourazzi.

Because Life is a Runway.

  1. Congratulations on the great features and commnets in your fabulous blog! How in the world can one go to all the openings and shows if not by this means? Thank you for making these spectacles available to everybody!

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