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In Latest Articles on August 17, 2010 at 6:38 pm

 Reported by Joyce Datiles & Verity Promise

As the previous Neiman Marcus fashion montage put together by one of our Glamourazzis is testament, here at The Fashion Bubble, we’re crazy about fashion and love how individualism can shine through even a seemingly insignificant choice of jewelry or pair of shoes. This blog is mainly about fashion that is ‘wearable’ rather than strictly for runway purposes, and we report on the culture that surrounds and creates the fashion world as we know it, be it by celebrities, events, charities, artists, or music.

One of our many loves is fashion week in all its glory and in different cities ~ the world’s fashion bubbles are most highly exposed during those lovely weeks of catwalk and catalogue. Some of The Fashion Bubble’s latest emails have petitioned an answer to this question, “What is it like to be front row at a designer fashion show?” So here’s the 411 for your hungry hearts ~ spilling the fashion industry’s secrets is always fun, so if you have any other questions or curiosities, feel free to shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


Here it is. The moment you have toiled for, craved for, dreamt of. You had heard you may be invited, but nothing in life is certain. You didn’t want to think too much about it lest your hopes should be dashed once word of denial reached your inbox. Whispers in the dining hall, in the editing room, around the computer lab sent chills up your spine. You recall the whispers with a faint glimmer of hope reaching the recesses of your terrified, fashion-eaten heart: “The boss may need a plus one to the show.” A plus one. Please let me be the boss’ plus one! 

And then, came the notes stuck to your computer. ‘You may have to work this weekend.’ Threat or triumph? This life can make one weary with anxiety, but it’s what we live for, for after all, what is the world but one gigantic catwalk? 

Again you try to calm your resounding heartbeats back to a normal humdrum rhythm but to no avail. You attempt to act casual as you steadily head toward the mailroom. No, you shrug to yourself, that creamy, over-sized envelope dotted with light blue spots here and there with gold glint as if to imitate the finest marble can’t possibly be THE much sought-after invite. You reach toward your mailbox, throw the magazines and flyers over your impatient right shoulder for luck. And lo and behold…in your hands you lift THE invitation up toward the sky like it was a handful of newly shaven diamonds offered to the gods.

Yes, yes, yes. This is what happens to most of us, and in our dreams to boot. We’re add-ons, plus ones. The leftovers and randoms in the luxuriously dressed crowd of those brazen elites chosen to grace the sacred front row. So what is it like if, according to your deepest fantasies,you were personally invited, your gown custom-made by the designer him/herself, everything chosen down to your shoes and bracelet so you could display the perfect outfit that illuminated your already-much illuminated celebrity personality? This year, Jessica Alba was present at several shows during July’s Paris Haute Couture, including Valentino, Christian Dior and Chanel. Here’s a present from Chanel, made especially for Jessica.

As promised, all celebrities invited to designer shows [minus Marc Jacobs, who has banned celebrities from being invited as one of his shows last year ran two hours late due to some late starlets] agree to wear the designer’s full outfits in return for their front row seats…I’m not sure who has the better end of the deal here but at most shows, the front rows are just as fabulous as the designs on the catwalk. See for yourself:


And, contrary to what many may think, front rows are arranged NOT according to friendship but by fashion industry relevance or ranking. If you happen to be bffs with who’s next to you, either you’re faking it for the camera or you lucked out. Either way, everyone seems to have a lovely time and ends up being bffs anyway.

Front row is THE place to be…best view, best company, and is the most coveted row on the planet.


And yes, front rowers usually get their 5 star hotels booked along with the invite, which also gives them free rein to a town car so they can arrive in style.


And don’t forget. You, as a front-row A-Lister, open the show, so make your grand entrance with a smile!

And if you have to option for a Plus One, invite your bestie! It’s only fair…

Well that’s our recap of a front row experience at a designer fashion show. Hope this gave good insight and inspiration for any fashionistas pursing the catwalk dream! 

Go Diva…because life is a runway. Love, The Fashion Bubble

P.S. Make sure to check our up-coming column, A & J Do London Fashion, an insider’s scoop on Britain’s fashion world.









  1. Wauw it looks amazing!! That had to be a great experience! Thank you for taking us into your world?

    are you visiting NY fashion week? We are attending, maybe we could meet, if you are there.

    good luck with your wonderful blog.


  2. Hi Silvanna! Actually we WILL be in NYC for fashion week ~ do let us know your schedule and we shall try to meet up ~ you know our email address, just send us your deets! Fashion love xoxo ❤

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