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Paris Haute Couture July 2010

In Latest Articles on August 17, 2010 at 3:28 pm

Reported by Chauven S’auto & Isabella Arguelles

In a series of final salutes to summer, here’s our coverage of this July’s Paris Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010, mainly Chanel and Armani Prive. Couture collections are magnificent to behold, especially in Paris where fashion is king [literally, apparently] and the most gorgeous ensembles fly by on the runway in a matter of minutes.

The Chanel collection on catwalk this year was all tweed coats in fur trim in traditional colours and Oriental silk floral designs in deep primals for the working woman’s suits with short-sleeved tops, simply screened with dark lace for neckline show. A personal favorite was a knee-length dress of copper-gold petalled skirt, trimmed with crusted gems to tip off the edges, a thick earthen belt for a high waist. The lovely shoulder fall and deep V-neck plunge gave for a full futuristic yet archaic image that spoke of a fantastical Eastern empire. Gold boots, simple without tassels or lace-ups, hung loosely above the ankles and gave the piece its final ethereal touch. A good usage of flower imprints, embroidery and theme. The ensemble was varied, non-repetitive and each design unique. P.S. We were absolutely crazy for this year’s Chanel fall boot collection…pure GLAM.

Armani Prive’s haute couture for Fall/Winter 2010 were all pleat, sequin and Old Hollywood ~ think Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. The collection ranged from full-length gowns to elegant office attire, and the colours were mainly browns and golds. A hail to the foliage season that cometh, we assume. Office attire and coats were flowy, above-the-knee with over-chest flaps draped and pinned on the hip or low shoulder by a circular amber brooch. These designs made us remember why we love autumn and won’t be so unwilling to trade the summer season for Fall.

Pictures provided by Nick Verreos, Fashion Fame, The Telegraph, Harper’s Bazaar and Chanel News


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