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In Update! on July 30, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Dearest Fashionistas,

Here we are again, in the heat of summer [literally], and have we got a ton of recaps for you all! So take a seat, and let the catwalk begin! We’re starting off with posting this gorgeous short film released by ELLE magazine on July 20, 2010 by Lindsay Thornburg. LOVE…

SO. The question is burning inside of you; I can tell by the glimmer in your anxious eyes. Oh dearest Fashion Bubble, where have you been? WELL, where HAVEN’T we been? Let’s paint a quickie, to give you a callsheet of our next columns: Oxford Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture Week with exclusive coverage of Valentino’s ‘fête champêtre’ for the Valentino Archive in Paris, The Greatest Show on Earth Event Weekend at Westfield, London with our very own A & J who also will report on London Alternative Fashion Week, AltaRoma Fashion Week in Rome, the Cartier International Day Party, A Mid-Summer Night’s VIP Rooftop Party in DC, the Cannes International Film Festival with A & J, the Eclipse and Salt Premieres in LA…is that enough for your stylish appetites to handle? We sure hope so! What can we say, we jet-set for you!

Also make sure to check out the latest on Seal the Deal for your summer splurge & guilty pleasure surrenders. Don’t worry. We won’t judge you. Splurge on. xoxo

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