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Oh the Glitz and the Glam: Ignite Glamourazzi

In Latest Articles on April 20, 2010 at 11:34 pm


Westfield London Greatest Fashion Show on Earth March 2010, catwalk finale. Photography by Joyce Datiles



A Personal Invitation to Join The Fashion Bubble’s Glamourazzi by Entertainment Editor Joyce Datiles, London

So. We have a team of editors who get to go to shows, are flown out to fashion conventions, attend cocktail parties hosted by celebrities, and occasionally host the monthly staff pool party. But the backbone of this amazing fashion forum known as The Fashion Bubble is its Glamourazzi. Let’s define this wonder maker for you:

glamourazzi [glam-OR-at-zee] noun  1. A fabulous team, comprising of internet savvy, young fashion fiends who capture [digital, most likely cellphone sources] live footage of walking fashion in their midst with an air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring.2. Archaic Those who can conjure up a magic spell; enchantment. [Scots, users of a magic spell, alteration of grammar (from the association of learning with magic).]

That’s you, in a nutshell. Take a picture using your cellphone or digital camera. It can be of you, showing off your latest styles, your friends showing you up, or complete strangers who have an outfit you envy. Snap! And the fashion is yours in eternal digital form. Pass it along to us with a description of what you think about it. Next: You’re in with the INs. We’ll be publishing all your entries under the “Glamourazzi” section of our website, and you’ll definitely get your share of fame and fortune.

But wait! Hmm, fame and fortune? That’s not what any true fashionista is after…we’re after art in a dark world, bright satins among dull cottons. We are the extraordinary among the mundane. We want to share our views on what to wear on a girl’s night out and what not to wear. Which colors of what materials go best with which sorts of shoes. And we’re after sharing our good fortunes and best buys with our fellow fashionistas. So if you see several outfits in a high street window that basically mirror those worn on a runway seen perhaps on these London Fashion pages, share your new looks and styles. Don’t keep it a secret, fashion is meant for everyone, and a true fashionista would holler. So, share the wealth, and by wealth, I mean fashion. Be a Glamourazzi and give us your best shot. Because “all that is gold does not glitter.” (Tolkien)

Joyce Datiles is a Georgetown alum who recently completed her graduate studies at Oxford and Cambridge in England.


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